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Saturday, 19 February 2011

An Introduction to Photoshop ( Part 1 )

Hello Everyone! Today im going to be taking you through the basics of Photoshop. Well where do we begin?!? Since there is so much information to be Covered on the basics of Photoshop i am going to be splitting it up into different Segments.

But before all of that i would like to give a brief 'Introduction' of my self. My name is Tyrone Mclean-Bell, I am 18 years of age and have been Graphic Designing for just over 3 years now.

OK, now that i feel I've shared a bit about myself to you i am going to carry on with my Introduction to Photoshop. Firstly as you may or may not know Photoshop is by no means free, but don't panic you can still continue with this Blog post by downloading the 30 day Free trial here. Now that you  have Downloaded and Installed Photoshop i am going to be teaching you how to import free fonts into Photoshop (as fonts will play a very big part in your Graphic Design Adventure ) So you're going to open up Photoshop then go to File>New

Next you're going to be greeted with a completely white page and the rest of the Photoshop Interface. Ill be teaching you exactly what Specific things do as we use them. At the bottom right of Photoshop there will be a box labeled 'Layers' in that box will be a layer called Background with a tiny Padlock Symbol on it, Double clik it and a Interface asking you to rename the selected layer will pop up.

Rename it to whatever you like or you could just leave it as 'Layer 0' After you do that the Layer will change from Background to whatever you named it the padlock symbol would have disappeared. At this point you're gonna have to go on your internet browser and navigate to a this site, or just type in Dafont. This website provides free fonts of many kinds and even splits it up into sections for you, so browse around for a bit and pick a font you like and download it. For the remainder of this blog post i am going to be using a font called Grendel. When you have finished downloading the font you will need a software capable of opening a .ZIP file such as Winrar. Open it up and inside the .ZIP file there will be your font, double click it and click Install

Now navigate back to Photoshop and click the text tool from the toolbar on the far left and with the text tool selected click anywhere on the blank white sheet. A flashing Cursor will appear indicating that you can write, so write whatever you want im going to write 'Bamboo' After you've finished writing highlight your text and go to the font box at the top left of Photoshop. Click the Down arrow and scroll up or down to find the text you downloaded ( it will be there ) and click it. There you're text should now be applied in the font you just downloaded.

This Concludes Part one of Introduction to Photoshop please Comment and feel free to ask to help and i will answer any questions. Have a good day !